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  Property Management - Tayco Management - South Florida

Property Management

Tayco is a full-service property management company working with both owners and tenants to provide strong support and solutions for growing the property. Our services include routine inspections, supervising maintenance activities, overseeing construction, ensuring contractor performance, and collecting rent.

We meet with property owners on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis to provide a full report and status on their assets.

Property Maintenance and Construction

Tayco's maintenance team in South Florida is on-call 24/7 to handle any maintenance emergencies and repair requests with cost-effective strategies.


Our long-established relationships with contractors in the area can save you thousands of dollars on repairs and long-term projects. Additionally, we work directly with tenants to accommodate their needs as well as the vendors. 

Property Maintenance - Tayco Management - Broward County, FL
Tenant Legal Disputes - Tayco Management - Palm Beach County, FLct

Legal Disputes

Landlord-tenant disputes, real estate contracts, and Florida property law disputes are serious and complex issues.


Tayco handles any landlord-tenant disputes by working closely with each party to find the best solution.  For tenants that do not fully cooperate, our team will reinforce the lease.


Additionally, we satisfy any and all building violations with the city government, and if need be, attend hearings and court appearances as required.

Vacancy Preparation and Marketing

Working with the property owner, Tayco provides leasing services such as vacancy preparation, showing vacancies to prospects, and then reporting the meetings to the owner.


Additionally, our team negotiates and prepares contracts by working one-on-one with the potential tenant.

Vacancy Preparation and Marketing - Tayco Management - Florida
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