Please view our services to see how we will manage your properties.


We provide 24-7 property supervision, and inspect the property on a routinely basis for repairs and maintenance.  In addition, we notify vendors for all repairs, and oversee vendor projects on a small to large scale.  By doing this, we make sure that the work is completed in a timely matter and is completed at a high quality.


We also work personally with the Landlord on a weekly basis by creating work orders, collecting vendor bids, and negotiating with tenants.


Working with the Landlord, we provide leasing services such as: vacancy preparation, showing vacancies to prospects, and then reporting the meetings to the Landlord. Additionally, we negotiate and prepare contracts by working one-on-one with the potential tenant. 


Lastly, we collect the monthly rent from every tenant, create a summation of the rent rolls, and report those numbers to the Landlord.


We are able to handle any landlord-tenant disputes by working closely with each party to find the best solution.  For tenants that do not fully cooperate with us and the Landlord, we will reinforce the lease.  Additionally, we satisfy any and all building violations with the city government, and if need be, attend hearings and court appearances as required.