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How Do Property Inspections Work?

Regular inspections of the property are completed by the property manager when taking on the rental, midway through a lease term, when a tenant moves out, and any other time as requested by the owner. 

How Often Will I Hear From You?

We are very flexible and can arrange either daily, weekly, or monthly meetings to discuss your assets. It is completely up to your preferences.

Do You Help With Evictions?

Yes, we help you throughout the entire legal process. We deliver notices, work with the local authorities on the day of the eviction, clear out the unit, and market the property once the tenant is out. 

Do You Assist With Collections? 

If your tenants are behind in rent, we go door-to-door asking them to submit payment to us right then and there. If they refuse or don't answer, we can help you start the legal process of evicting them.

Can I Use My Own Contractor?

We are always looking for good contractors; however, as protection for you and us, they would need to have liability and workers compensation insurance. 

Do You Work In Real Estate CRM's?

We are able to work with all of the popular CRM and property management systems. Our clients currently use BJ Murray and AppFolio, but we can utilize any system that you have. 

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